Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have been told that it appears that I don't have a problem in the world. It has been said that I look like nother is ever wrong in my life. Well the scripture says, "all creation groaneth....". That includes me. I am no different that anyone else. I have hills, mountains, and valleys. I have made mistakes, and done some down right foolis things. The thing is I "choose" to be happy. I choose to rise above the circumstances. Somes days are harder than others where this is concerned. The bottom line is when I get down I get INSPIRED about something. 

Life is full of disappointments. Life is even more full of possibilities. I am always seeking for new inspiration; something to look forward to, and hope for. If there is something that I need to work on or change, I start looking for ways to change it. I search the scritpture and other resources to find the root of my issues. I research and find people who have overcome it.

No matter what may not be moving in your life, no matter what you may not see there is always a better day. You dont have to fall into a rut all the time. Seek inspiration. Read the word of God. It is God. It is therefore living, pertinent, and effective. Seek inspiration through other people's lives. There are people that have overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances all over this world and lived to tell about it. These testimonies are inspiring. If you are struggling in certain areas of your life there are others that have shared their victories of deliverance. So pick up your Bible, a book, read a blog, watch a video and become INSPIRED to move in a POSITIVE direction.

Are you inspired now?

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