Friday, October 1, 2010


But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart. 1Samuel 16:7

People judge character by the outward appearance. This is the root of low self esteem issues in our society. Even when you hear men talk about what they are looking for in a wife. The first thing that comes out of their mouth and 75% of their requirement is "appearance". Then they spend the rest of the marriage comparing her to what appears to look better than she does. Women fall in love with a man's features and may not even know him. Then they spend the rest of their lives despising who he was all along. People judge other's character based on the clothes they wear, their hairstyle, their jewelry, their makeup, their car, their home, their occupation etc. None of these things make up that person. Some people even equate appearance to Godliness. I'm not talking about a dress code this time. I am talking about saying one person dresses nice for the Lord. The next person doesn't represent God well by the way they dress. I think all of these perceptions are PURELY flesh. We are supposed to be "Christians" meaning Christ like. The scripture never made any point to describe how well maintained he was, nor how attractive he was. As a matter of fact it made a point to indicate that there was nothing about him that would cause him to be disireable. Why? Because that would overshadow his purpose. We should look presentable and be clean, but people shouldn't be rejected for looking ordinary. If that is the case you don't really value that person for who they are. Neither do you love them. There will be times that a man will see his wife at her best and her worst. If he does not love who she is he will not stay with her when she is at her worse. Unfortunately in our society and churches that is acceptable. Why would I say that, because people are being taught how important "appearance" is. Our children are being taught that you need to dress a certain way in order to be accepted. Adults try to deter them from this "myth" but it is reinforced in adulthood. I am not saying look like a bum, or a gang member, a hooker, or such. I am not saying look like you have no respect for yourself. I am saying that dressing plain, or moderately is perfectly ok, and is the way that Paul taught us to dress in the first place.

The older I grow (soon to be 39 Thank you Jesus) the more I accept myself for who I am. If  a man does not find me attractive then he needs to keep searching. I am not going to change who I am  for anyone. I shouldn't be required to do that. You should love your spouse for who they are. If you don't like the way they dress, the hairstyle, or length of their hair, the perfume or cologne that they wear, how they talk etc. then you need to find what you like. Don't try to make them become what you want. Don't leave someone that you married when you knew what they were when you married them. Then go and talk about them like it was their fault. You married them now you need to learn who they are and accept them for that. Or if you leave them just say you made a mistake. They were not what you wanted.

The problem is not people's appearance it is the lack of love and God in their lives. Of course God is love....... We need to teach our children proper values. Teach them to value themselve by valuing ourselves, each other, and them. When people have the right values they search for the value (virtue) in their potential mate. That is what they should fall in love with. That is what is sound and enduring. That is what lasts, because good looks deteriorate. You can't keep a husband or wife with looks. That is a lie. If it were true half of adulteries would not occur. You are faithful in your relationships due to the love, and respect for your spouse. Neither of those have anything to do with looks. Your flesh on it's best day does not please God. Your soul is what he wants. The devil doesn't even want your flesh. That's why he tries to destroy you when he is done using you. It is your soul he wants.

Love yourself for who you are. Love others for who they are.



Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Test
Aaronisa Barnes
My progress is infinite...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Facebook vs Google Buzz

I don't care what Facebook says they are blocking Google Buzz. They do have an app that is supposed to allow your GB posts to hit your FB. They say there is an initial delay from Google's end....liars. Google thinks they are slick they are not allowing the posts to hit FB either because they don't want you to use FB. Dorks

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Children are "Precious"

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalms 127:3

Children are precious!! Many may beg to differ, or may question the level of emphasis. Nonetheless, our children are “invaluable”. Not “valueless”. They are like precious stones that you would protect from the elements, and any person that may not appreciate their value. As parents/guardians we should love our children. That encompasses nurturing, protecting, providing, instructing, disciplining, and encouraging them.

Now that we have laid some ground work lets move on to something more specific. Our children NEED positive reinforcement. There are more than enough negative influences around them. Our children no matter how mischievous they are need our affection. They need our encouragement. Fathers your daughters need you to tell them they are beautiful. Mothers your sons need you to tell them they can accomplish their goals. Fathers your sons need your “respect” as they grow into adulthood. Mothers your daughters need to know that you see them maturing into a woman. They need you to treat them as such. Now I know that most of the time the child may ACT totally opposite of this. However, as people of God we have to “Speak Life” to our children. Remember that this is spiritual warfare. There are even situations where you have done all that you can, and the child is simply determined to take the wrong path. In this case you have to provide the necessary boundaries. The child has to understand that there are consequences for their actions. We should still pray for their deliverance.

Don’t let the first positive thing spoken to your daughter come from some spaghetti head boy around the corner. If you build her self esteem as she is growing up she will have the proper image of herself when she gets older. She will then be secure enough to make better decisions. Don’t let your son have to find acceptance on the street corner because you didn’t spend the quality time with him that he needed. Play with your kids from the time they are small and on. Play video games with them. Whatever they like to do find interest in it. Even if they get in trouble for bringing home a “D” be sure you tell them its because you know they can do better. Then help them as much as you can. They will thank you for it one day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Be" Encouraged

Some folks get down and stay down because it’s comfortable. How can your burdens be lifted if you insist on lying on your pillow of pity. "Be" encouraged. It's a n action that you take. It’s a choice that you make. When someone speaks a word of encouragement to you, receive it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have been told that it appears that I don't have a problem in the world. It has been said that I look like nother is ever wrong in my life. Well the scripture says, "all creation groaneth....". That includes me. I am no different that anyone else. I have hills, mountains, and valleys. I have made mistakes, and done some down right foolis things. The thing is I "choose" to be happy. I choose to rise above the circumstances. Somes days are harder than others where this is concerned. The bottom line is when I get down I get INSPIRED about something. 

Life is full of disappointments. Life is even more full of possibilities. I am always seeking for new inspiration; something to look forward to, and hope for. If there is something that I need to work on or change, I start looking for ways to change it. I search the scritpture and other resources to find the root of my issues. I research and find people who have overcome it.

No matter what may not be moving in your life, no matter what you may not see there is always a better day. You dont have to fall into a rut all the time. Seek inspiration. Read the word of God. It is God. It is therefore living, pertinent, and effective. Seek inspiration through other people's lives. There are people that have overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances all over this world and lived to tell about it. These testimonies are inspiring. If you are struggling in certain areas of your life there are others that have shared their victories of deliverance. So pick up your Bible, a book, read a blog, watch a video and become INSPIRED to move in a POSITIVE direction.

Are you inspired now?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Hair

Well it's about that time again. I am ready to start the transition back to natural. Those that know me well enough know that I have been doing this since I was a youngin. I will never wear my hair the same way all the time. I love the vesitality. I do love everything about "natrual" hair. Even the using natural products to maintain it. I love being me.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Outreach Missions!

Are you involved in any Missions that reach those in need at home or abroad? Tell us about it.